Awesome Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt

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Let’s take a new look at the popularity of Scandinavian fashion – style that is unfamiliar to many people and can easily be equated with minimalism without understanding contemporary beats.

Scandinavian fashion (including Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland) may not be popular in Vietnam but always has its own charm. If you have listened to Kygo’s EDM music with heart-pounding sounds that are strong in composition but with very little floweryness, you will find a connection to Scandinavian fashion.

Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt
Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt


Scandinavian fashion attracts because of its seclusion, little disclosure even in the Western world. Regardless of the popularity of H&M , IKEA or Instagram with its Scandinavian minimalist home style hints, Scandinavian fashion imagery is unfamiliar to the masses. What we envision about Nordic fashion is superficial and dominated by the popularity of the media with the phrase “minimalist style” and Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt.

Famous Swedish actress in Hollywood like Alicia Vikander is an example of Scandinavian fashion. Elin Kling, a famous Swedish fashion journalist and blogger in New York, founded the Toteme brand with a simple style for modern women in 2014. They are pioneers in the connecting true Scandinavian fashion to the masses.

A Scandinavian fashion style that is not in harmony with each other to express personality is what attracts girls. If Google says “Scandinavian fashion”, the result is usually an oversized white shirt – Just A Girl Who Loves Swimming Shirt, long blazer, tight black jeans. Acne Studio Jensen shoes and By Marlene Birger shirts are two typical products that are often associated with Nordic fashion.

However, the creativity of Scandinavian fashion goes beyond the limit of minimalism.


Black, white, and cream colors are often mentioned when it comes to Scandinavian fashion. However, in fact, Nordic products bring many colors, partly because of the gloom of the sky for many months makes designers want to bring freshness.

According to the editor Madsen, Scandinavian is not a country with a single style: “I wouldn’t compare Sweden, Norway, and Copenhagen. At some point, in Copenhagen, we would definitely dress like the Swedes but I think the boundaries have shifted a lot. In Stockholm, you will find many minimalist styles with classic black, white, and gray tones. In Olso, they are more feminine and in Copenhagen we are happier, pursuing street fashions and preferring coordination.

Shaping Scandinavian style will be more and more difficult because Instagram is driving trends to globalize. The exchange of fashion styles of residents between global cities is popular. Similar to French fashion, there cannot be narrowly defined Scandinavian fashion in the general picture of the present shift.

Scandinavian fashion can be expanded in many ways. The Danish brand Ganni is successful for its outstanding colors and textures. The essence of Scandinavian fashion is simplicity in style in the words of Ganni’s Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup : “We don’t dress fancy . We mix street fashions with designer labels, giving it a little bit of a touch. We rarely use accessories, only shoes or bags as highlights. Overall handy and easy for everyone to imitate and see themselves in it”.

E-commerce has made Scandinavian fashion more accessible. Fashion Week Copenhagen, Stockholm, Seoul, Sydney and Tibilisi are attracting more and more attention, similar to the excitement of brands outside the familiar fashion center New York, London, Paris, Milan. Acne Studio from Sweden is an example.

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