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With everyday costumes and accessories, it will not be difficult to combine them together to create a dynamic and personality sports fashion style. Please refer to the 4 extremely simple steps

Step 1: Coordination

What is important in creating an attractive women’s sports fashion is the combination of dynamic and elegant clothing . If you only wear sportswear and forget the rest, you will look like preparing to go to the gym. And conversely, if you only choose clothes with elegant designs or colors, no one will realize that you are trying towards a strong sporty style. So the best way is to harmonize the two factors above to make you look dynamic yet feminine .

Staff Shirt
Staff Shirt
  • Sports jacket with Staff Shirt: The easiest way to accentuate everyday clothing is to add a sports jacket. This shirt is easy to find at famous sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, or similarly the letterman jacket. You can combine them with shorts, jeans, dresses or skirts that are all suitable.
  • Spandex / Jogger Pants: Long-pants and jogger pants are both suitable choices for this style. Combined with a crop top hugging shirt will make the outfit more balanced.
  • Sports dress with Staff Shirt: Just a dress shirt with the name of the basketball team or more simply a smooth dress is perfect enough to create this sporty style.
  • Sports shoes: In addition, sports shoes are an indispensable accessory in the collection. But if you want more style, you can combine the formula of shorts + plain t-shirt + letterman jacket and finish the outfit with elegant Oxford shoes that make up the strong part of the sportswear.

Step 2: Accessories

There are 3 types of accessories that are best suited to women’s sportswear:

  • A backpack is always the right choice not only because it is easy to wear but also can hold many miscellaneous things with you.
  • A baseball cap or cap that fits and makes girls energetic and cute.

Sunglasses may not seem important but will create a very cool highlight for the wearer.

Step 3: Hair styling

One of the advantages of this style is that it does not require a hairstyle that is too fussy or seductive. Simplicity is better with a ponytail or bun. Depending on your preference, you can choose a simple ponytail or braid to create accents, high or low bun hair is okay.

Step 4: Minimalistic makeup

Similar to the hair styling section, the makeup for this style also needs the most minimalism to enhance the natural, healthy look of the skin as well as the face. In addition to applying mascara, you need to avoid heavy eye makeup, you should also choose very gentle eyeshadow and lipstick such as light brown, pink, and plum. Minimize red, orange and dark colors.

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